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I dont know about you but towards the end of the year I start feeling uninspired in the kitchen. I’ve already served up my greatest hits and tired of the same old same old.

I was left with a lunch time dilemma this morning. All I had left was plain rice from last night’s dinner. What was I to do ? Time for a pantry raid I thought.

With whatever I had in the fridge and cupboard I turned that plain old boring rice into a fabulous summer lunch time dish. (Yes I am quite chuffed with myself)


Leftover rice
Baby spinach
Red peppers
Sesame seeds
Crushed garlic
Lemon pepper
Eggs scrambled


Braise the mushrooms on high heat with a little butter and some olive oil Once they have red crispy outside add soy sauce according to your salt preference.

Throw in some sesame seeds, then sprinkle lemon pepper,  followed by rice and mix well to coat the rice  evenly in liquids and seeds.

Lower the heat. Throw in the baby spinach and pop on the lid. Just let the spinach wilt. Then toss the scrambled egg in and mix through.

Garnish with crunchy red peppers.

I think it’s a recipe that is so versatile and would work well with any type of  vegetables.

Try broccoli, corn and carrots
Or three colours of peppers.

As long as you have the rice, soy sauce & scrambled egg base the possibilities are endless.

Happy cooking !

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