Preparing your kids for the future is a daunting task. Kids do what we do…not what we say they must do. And, with that, comes the parental responsibility to breed a generation of good actions, to lead by example and not dictatorship.

Apart from sharing household chores, here are 3 positive ways you can shape your kids for the future:

1. Involve your kids in financial decisions

In today’s South African’s economy status, it is difficult keeping financially fit. However, making ends meet and being responsible for our income, no matter how big or small, is a recipe for a contentment, and a skill our kids can inherit from us.

Benefit: It is important that kids know the value of money, the reason for transactions and the importance of an investment. Involving kids in monetary decisions in the house educates them to make sound financial decisions later. They will also find comfort knowing that funds will be available in case of an emergency or to fulfil their educational dreams.

The following financial products are important to have as a parent:

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2. Develop a love for reading

The reading habit in your household starts with YOU. Children mimic everything you do subconsciously, and will soon love reading with your zest and vigour.

Benefit: Reading develops their brain and stimulates imagination, keeping them involved with literature.

Include reading in your schedule to prepare your kids for the future:

  • Buy books for everyone in the house- have a mini book club where all your book titles are discussed
  • The Library should be a known venue in your house
  • Read out loud
  • Write letters to your kids and let them respond in writing

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin


3. Make healthy choices – food and lifestyle

Benefit: You are what you eat. Making conscious health choices together now, prepares your kids for the future too.

Healthy Food

What you cook, serve, buy and dictate your kid to eat will be their most favourite meals right through to adulthood. Remember if you are not eating that broccoli off your plate, why should they?

  • Healthy eating should be a family thing, not a mommy or daddy or children only thing
  • Plates/Glasses should look the same, they cant be having a healthy shake while you are drinking a fizzy drink
  • Talk about food as a family, the benefits and reasons why you are eating a certain food

Healthy lifestyle

Cute videos of kids trying to do work outs that their parents are doing are perfect examples of the parent’s lifestyle influence. Educate your kids on the benefits of keeping fit, losing weight, firming, toning and building muscles. They will be inspired by your choice – and thank you later.

  • Buy your kids Running Shoes
  • Go to the park and physically play once a week
  • Encourage your kids to take part in sports’ activities at School
  • Be competitive in the field

The first school your kids will ever attend is in the lap of a parent. You are the first human your kids interact with, you are the first person your kids will ever love, you are their first teacher and you are your kids Legacy. Be the change you want to see in your kids – it is never too late to start.


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