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by Gina Jacobson, a wife, a mom, a leo.  She works for a  non-profit organisation, is a procrastinator, loves sci-fi, sushi, good books and Scrabble.  Her blog is made up of A Bit of This a Bit of That.

Aaron is almost two years old and for the longest time he has given his cheek or the top of his head when you ask for a kiss.  Yesterday I got three on-the-lips kisses.aaronandmom

It’s those moments when he is so unguarded and free with his affections that I treasure the most.  When he runs up to me out of the blue and throws those little arms around my knees.

I hold each of those moments close in my heart because I know that one day when I ask for a kiss or a hug he will be all “no mommmmm, it’s so embarrassing…”

Hopefully I will raise a son who will never be embarrassed to give his mom a kiss on the lips and a great big hug!

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