Shot left – explore the city with, an online directory that is surely the next best thing to Siri. Especially now during Covid times it is the most reliable source of information about  what’s on offer, what’s open and what’s online for anything and everything you may need. 

Jozi – a wonderland of things to do, places to go, of people to see, of schools for every need and more. It’s all so overwhelming – and welcoming at the same time. It’s what makes the city beat, and what gives a reason to help you – mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, teacher or caregiver – keep your finger on the pulse.

It’s #party time! proudly lists some of the best party venues, caterers, planners, suppliers, entertainers, castle hire, costume hire and more – the sky is the limit. Browse  the parties page to get in the groove.

It’s the #place to be!

Not only does the free weekly newsletter highlight this weeks hotspots, the online directory will also help you navigate to all sorts of places you could enjoy with your loved ones.


Yay! It’s the #holiday!

Can you deal with weeks of do-nothing days? The holiday calendar is filled with holiday programs, and other holiday events that will keep the devices at bay. A holiday tab also directs you to camps, resorts, pet sitters, home sitters and the like.

It’s ALL the #extras!

All the extras, from art and drama to modelling, swimming and sewing – the extra mural list  is endless. Whatever sparks your child’s interest, wherever you are, there’s always something extra to enrol your kid for.

It’s time to learn the #ABC’s

On the path of knowledge, theres so many different institutions your child will engage with. From pre-schools, to prep, primary and even high schools, Jozi can boast some of the best services. Special needs, homeschooling, tuition, resources – everything you need to educate kids can be found on the schools and tuition pages.

It’s time to #network

If petrol price and lift club schemes are keeping you awake at night, try using a transport service  that will take the pressure off.

It’s a #baby!

A mums sixth sense is never put to rest…neither is her quest for the best for her baby. The baby/toddler, child care and home help sections are a must visit for new (and old) parents and caregivers seeking stimulation classes, products, health and safety providers, day care and nanny services too.


It’s P for #Parenting

At every stage of your child’s life- you realise you are a new parent. Each phase requires guidance and insight, and sometimes you wish to throw in the towel. But, there’s help. Meet like-minded parents in parent/child stimulation classes, or allow yourself or your loved ones to get external help from a life coach or therapist. These services and more can be found on the parenting and life skills/therapy  tabs.

It’s #throwback time

Capture every moment of that 1st party, or baby shower – and the graduation too. lists a number of photographers that are specialised in maternity, newborn and event photoshoots. Snap! Its a keep!

It’s #shopping time

Furniture,  toys,  clothing  and more – besides the malls, here’s some click aways that can help you find that special must have. And, if the cupboards are bursting at the seams, there’s a list of charities that await your favour.

Deals, competitions and reviews on Jozikids

Everybody loves a win – be it a discount or an awesome prize. Keep your finger on the latest deals  and competitions in Jozi, then, keep counting your lucky stars. encourages you to share your views – post a review of any service to give our readers some insight.

Blog it! on Jozikids!

Zaparents have much to share – from opinions to advice, many writers have their say on Jozikids. The blog is rich with articles that relate to parenting, each enjoyed by readers.

It’s #Covid Times has taken a special interest in helping parents, teachers, students, small businesses, education and curriculum providers survive Covid times  – and Lockdown.  These unchartered times called for some desperate navigation – and has collaborated with some of Gautengs best Drs (GGPC) to bring you up to date and accurate information on various issues, example:

Amongst others there are updates on travel requirements and curriculum providers for homeschooling as well as lists of services that are now Covid compliant and open for business. 

Let’s face it – Covid is here to stay fir a while. So, beat it! and still live your best life! 

Talk to Jozikids!

and of course the net – will help you navigate through your years of parenting

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