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By Zelna Lauwrens, author, teacher and founder of Equal Zeal® Training, an organisation committed to equipping young people to cope with the stresses and strains of daily living by inspiring them to grown from within. We invite you to join her on this journey, as she chats about topics of interest to parents here.

Don’t fall prey to self-fulfilling prophecies…all of our children have a genius inside of them!

This morning, I saw a young man walking merrily to work singing at the top of his voice, at the same time waving his arms around like a mad-man.  At first glance, any sane person might think that he was “insane”, however, what I saw was a man on his way to work as the sun was rising, making the most of his journey!  He had woken up and decided that today was the day to be happy.

So, on that note, do you know what a self-fulfilling prophecy is and if you do, do you know how it works?

“Most people know that a self-fulfilling prophecy is an event, which, because it is predicted and expected, is therefore more likely to happen, and even be caused to happen. “



An article was published in “Success Magazine” about two different groups of psychologists who were asked to observe the same child at play. One group was told beforehand that the child was emotionally disturbed. The other group was told that the child was a genius. When the psychologists were asked to report on their observations, each group had found evidence to support their preconceived ideas.  Interesting, but very scary!

Now, it is important to realize that self-fulfilling prophecies are everyday experiences and without us even realising, we create expectations for ourselves based on our beliefs.   The question is, what do you expect your day to be like when you get up in the morning? Will you be like the man singing on the road, or do you expect to have a miserable day.

Moving along to your expectations of others…How do you expect your kids to behave? How much success do you expect for yourself and your children?

If you predict failure, failure is generally what you’ll find, and if you expect excellence, excellence is very likely what you’ll see. How we think about a situation determines how we behave, and how we behave, more than anything else, determines the results we get.

That’s how self-fulfilling prophecies work – there is nothing magical about it. What you get in life is pretty much what you think and believe coming back at you. This is the reason why it is so important to have realistic and high expectations for your children and to support them in achieving their own personal best!

So what are you going to do when you wake up tomorrow morning…I don’t know about you, but I am going to join the man singing on the road!

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