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Iron Man 1, brilliant.
Iron Man 2, OK.
Iron Man 3, Really good but a bit of a mystery.


This is where the film kind of confuses me. It’s sort of about a bunch of super human geyser elements trying to blow things up. But it’s also about a terrorist organisation trying to the teach the world a lesson. But the two are sort of the same thing, but not really. It’s also sort of about Tony Stark having panic attacks, but we’re not really sure why, and it’s also sort of about his Iron Mannery getting a bit out of control, but I fail to see how that’s a problem.

So while I’m not sure what the film is about, I am very sure I really enjoyed it. Especially the comedy aspects, which, having been present in number one and two, are almost omni-present in three. Keep a close eye on The Mandarin, he’s not what he seems, but what he is, is infinitely better.


Look, it’s Iron Man, right. So Robert will be cute and funny and tragic and stuff. And he is. And Gwyneth will be pouty and disapproving and sexy-like. And she is. And Don will be, well Don will be Don right? He always is. None of them are going to get any Oscars, but they know that as well as we do. It is what it is, and it’s awesome. Except for Sir Ben. Sir Ben might get an Oscar. He won’t, but he maybe kinda could.


Jon Favreau, hands over the reins to Shane Black, who did a better job with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but a good job here. It’s not rocket science and he doesn’t get in its way.


It’s Iron Man. It’s good solid super-hero fun. It’s what Thor wishes it was and what The Avengers couldn’t have existed without. Go see it, you know you want to, and you won’t be disappointed. Just a bit befuddled.

Take the 13+ kids, but be careful, you’ll enjoy it as much as they will.

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