If your child’s maths and science results have set off pandemonium in your home – we will help you to Master Maths and Science

Personalised Maths and Science lessons for each child

Our expert tutors offer solutions tailor made to your child’s individual needs.

Most centres will do a FREE assessment to identify any gaps in your child’s  knowledge.of the Maths and Science curriculum. Then the centre managers will use this invaluable information together with their expert knowledge and experience to develop a specific learning route for your child.

Each child learns how to study math’s and science to suit their own unique personality

By covering material before the school does, kids will feel more confident in their abilities and interact more in class, with a sense of feeling better prepared for tests and exams.

Our unique process to tutoring Maths and Science

Master Math’s and Science Centres offer

  • structured learning via an interactive computer based program
  • tutors who provide guidance and assistance
  • unique Master Maths and Science notes, worksheets and test revision containing summaries and exercises to reinforce concepts
  • an online system which allows learners to complete modules at home.

Our Maths and Science teaching curriculum  

The program covers the CAPS, IEB, IGCSE, Maths Literacy and Technical maths curriculum and is updated regularly to cater for any changes made to the syllabus. 

The key to success in Maths and Science

  • Regular attendance
  • Practice/reinforcement of concepts at home
  • Communication with the tutors

Master Maths & Science has assisted generations of learners achieve amazing results.

Put an end to the fear and frustration. Let us help your child become a confident, independent thinker that strives for improved results and a better work ethic.

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