by Joy Dembo, married, with an 18 year old son and a 25 year old daughter.  Addicted to the www, particularly Twitter. Recruitment Response Handling Consultant and Freelance Copywriter, vegetarian and animal lover.

If you are a fan of Spy/Espionage movies, you are going to love Safe House!  And, the fact that it was almost entirely filmed on location in Cape Town provides an added thrill to an already thrilling thriller! The movie stars Oscar Winner,  Denzel Washington, who seems to get better looking with age, as the legendary spy, Tobin Frost, and the equally good looking Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston,  the CIA Safe Housekeeper.

As a woman, obviously the fact that the two lead actors are eye candy, made watching the movie even more appealing :-)! Tobin Frost is a legendary spy, turned rogue, and on the CIA’s most wanted list.  Once one of their top operatives, the cunning ex-intelligence officer is wanted for a host ofcrimes, including selling military secrets to enemies of the United States, and trading secrets to the highest bidder. Matt Weston has been stationed in the backwaters of Cape Town for the past year, minding a CIA Safe House.  He is bored and frustrated and longs to be given the opportunity to be out in the field, working on a case. When Frost surfaces in Cape Town, little does Weston know that he is about to embark on the challenge of a lifetime, trying to keep himself and the worlds most notorious assassin from being eliminated. Frost is a skilled manipulator and Weston has his work cut out for him!  Tested to the limit, Weston knows he has to keep Frost alive for long enough to find out exactly who is trying to kill them!

Directed by acclaimed director and writer, Daniel Espinosa, written by David Guggenheim and produced by Scott Stuber, this movie is a must see. It is classified 16V, as there is a great deal of violence and bloodshed in this movie, but the older teens will be on the edge of their seats, as will the moms and dads. And, in particular, teenage boys will definitely enjoy this movie, as there is lots of action, lots of excitement, and lots of surprises! The movie was released on Friday, 10 February, nationally.

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