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Enough of being all cooped up! Joburgers feel they need to get out at the moment. Taking my family out for the day recently sparked other families curiosity about how to do this safely.

How to plan a safe day trip during COVID-19


Isn’t it better just to ‘stay safe and stay home’?

It certainly is. However, what are the benefits vs the risks, and vice versa?   

Think of a long distance runner who purposefully takes short breaks on an ultra-marathon to ensure that (s)he completes it well. Similarly, taking your kids on safe day trips at times will be necessary for their long-term mental and physical well being.


Which  day trips are safe when COVID-19 infections are peaking?

Keep in mind that the virus is airborne and can spread rapidly in small spaces or from direct contact.  Therefore:

  • Consider an empty, quiet destination for a family outing. 
  • You must be flexibie enough to change plans spontaneously, should the venue be busy.
  • Consider venues that are open during the week – they will be quieter then.

There are many safe day trips options that reduce the risk of person-to-person droplet spread:

family outing

Cycle Lab Bike Park

How safe is visiting  indoor centres or shopping malls?

The first rule in social interaction is good ventilation. With the current drastic spike in infections, my advice is:
DO NOT visit indoor recreational places as outings during this time (unless they are completely empty). 


What supplies do I need to take with me on a day trip?

  • Sanitiser, sanitiser and sanitiser: Inevitably, day trippers land up needing to access a toilet, make a payment or wipe down a surface.  Just keep sanitising with a sanitiser containing 70% alcohol. 
  • Masks are a must: people pop up in the least expected places. If you see people be sure to  wear a mask over your mouth and nose.
  • Extra clothing: Kids love using jungle gyms: allow this, but insist  that they do not touch their faces and sanitise their hands after use. Take extra caution by changing their clothes if they have come into contact with other children.


Plan safe day trips, get out and have fun! 

Stay home and stay safe, but when you need to get out on occasion explore some safe day trips options. Plan ahead, get out and have fun.
As long as the correct measures are taken to ensure you are in an outdoor area, you should be able to recharge your batteries. i.e:
  • no-one in your 2 metre reach,
  • and you’re wearing masks
  • with sanitiser at your disposal.

This will enable you to stay home and stay safe for longer.

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