By a 12 year old who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of becoming famous among her peers for these awesome views.

Do they really?  I’m a bit confused about this one.  My parents are constantly nagging for my siblings and me to study, to focus and to make an effort to get good grades.  Teachers always emphasise the importance of getting good grades and well, let’s face it – the students who get good grades receive awards and acknowledgement for it every year.  So then it sounds to me like grades should matter.  And now I’ve had some time to actually think about it and decide for myself.

See, I think that learners should put an appropriate amount of time and effort into studying to get good marks.  All-nighters and hours poring over the same section of NS is just unnecessary really, especially if I’m never going to actually need to create an explosion in real life.  Everything in moderation, isn’t that what someone important once said?  So moderate to mild studying ought to get students enough to pass and be happy about it.  Anyway, isn’t it about what I feel about my exam or is it about what my parents and teachers feel?  Then again, mum always says that I have great potential if I put my mind to something.  I’m guessing she means “put your mind to studying hard, you have the potential to get A’s”

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The pressure is high right now with exams coming up soon.  And that’s part of the problem.  The pressure makes us feel overwhelmed, overwhelmed to succeed, to do well, to make our parents proud.  But at the same time, each day is different and some days, as prepared as I think I may be, I may not get my best results.  No one wants to fail but the pressure may become too much for some kids.  All I’m saying is that parents and teachers need to take it easy, calm down, have a cup of tea and let us do our thing.  No amount of walking around like a prison warden is going to make me get an extra 10 marks in my exam!

And while I’m at it, don’t you think we should have a choice about what we’d like to include in our curriculum?  Like maybe sports, or movies, what about music?  I bet a whole lot of us would do exceptionally well in those subjects with little to no studying at all!  I think some kids aren’t all that academic as well and school only tests our academic abilities.  Some kids are great doing things with their hands and others are amazing when they aren’t sitting in a chair for 7 hours a day.

So in conclusion, I’ve decided that grades matter to the extent that it makes you happy.  If getting A’s is your thing, go for it.  If an average is fine for you because you can’t take the pressure or you’d rather be at soccer practice, then so be it.  At the end of the day, I don’t think I’ll remember that I had an A for math in grade 6 but I will remember how to calculate how much 3 awesome pairs of shoes will cost when I’m out shopping!

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