by Joy Robyn Dembo, married, with an 18 year old son and a 25 year old daughter.  Addicted to the www, particularly Twitter. Recruitment Response Handling Consultant and Freelance Copywriter, vegetarian and animal lover. 

We have a rabbit, named Petunia.  She is an adorable bundle of white fluff, but she has nothing on EB (voiced by Russell Brand of “Despicable Me” fame), the cutest, funniest, most talented little Easter Bunny Designate you have ever seen!  The Star of the movie Hop, EB  is the teenage son of the incumbent Easter Bunny.

This new comedy, from the makers of “Despicable Me”, combines CG animation with live action, and the results are awesome! Directed by Tim Hill (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and produced by Chris Meledandri (Despicable Me and Ice Age), the movie features the voices of Hugh Laurie (House), Hank Azaria (The Simpsons), Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) and a host of other equally respected actors.

The movie begins on Easter Island (Where else would the Easter Bunny live??).  The reigning Easter Bunny decides that its time for his son to start learning the ropes as its almost time for him to take over the job, but EB, like all teenagers, has plans of his own, and none of them include being his dad’s successor.  Nevertheless, he accompanies his dad to work.  Dad runs a massive Easter Candy  factory, which is located under one of the giant stone heads on the island (If you’ve seen “Night at the Museum”, you will instantly recognise the heads as being the same as the gum-chewing head in the Natural History Museum,  in the movie).  It is here that we are introduced to Carlos, an over-sized chick, who is the 2ic to the Easter Bunny and runs the candy production side of the operation.  And, what a wondrous factory it is…. hundreds of bunnies and chicks running around manufacturing the most delectable treats and packing them into baskets to be delivered to the children of the world, by the Easter Bunny!  Carlos fancies himself as the next Easter Bunny, but really…I mean come on… have you ever seen an Easter Bunny Chicken???  Exactly!  The thought is absurd, and never once crossed Daddy Easter Bunny’s mind, which infuriates the chicken and inevitably,  results in an attempted hostile takeover!

On the eve of his succession to the coveted Easter Bunny position, EB runs away from home, and heads to Hollywood, determined to pursue his career as a drummer.

But, when he lands in Hollywood, he soon finds out, like most hopeful musicians (you only have to watch Idols!),  that becoming a star is easier said than done.

Dejected, hungry and lonesome, he runs into (literally) Fred (a real live person, played by James Marsden), who is in an equally dejected state, after being lovingly kicked out of his parents home and being told to pull himself together, get a job,  and make a life for himself.

The adventures of Fred and EB are fun…fun… and more fun, and the ending is just too heart-warming for words!

Can EB and Fred defeat the evil Carlos and save Easter?

Now THAT would be telling!

Releasing on 01 April, this is a really sweet movie for the entire family! (Really, really!!!  This is not an April Fool’s joke, although you will split your sides laughing at the antics of the lovable EB and the gorgeous Fred 😉 )

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