Homeschooling has become a popular education option over the past few years. In fact, with bullying, overcrowded classrooms and falling academic standards, it is the smart choice for many families today.

Why choose homeschooling? Because it:

Strengthens the bond between parent and child:

By educating your children at home you not only get to share in their achievements, but you can help them successfully overcome obstacles.You will also be able to experience more of their precious childhood moments.

Let children learn the way they do best:

The lesson plan can be designed around the ways your children learn best, with lessons geared towards teaching them in the manner they best absorb and retain information.

Happy family on the couch reading storybook at home in the living room

Caters for children with special needs:

Children with special needs face unique challenges and have requirements most schools can’t accommodate. Homeschooling gives you the ability to focus on children’s strengths, not their weaknesses.

Shields vulnerable children:

Homeschooling offers a safe learning environment for children tormented by bullies, or who struggle to fit into the social setting at mainstream schools.

Fosters a sense of achievement:

Children who don’t thrive in a traditional classroom can often be made to feel like a failure through no fault of their own. At home, your children can learn more effectively, at their own pace, in an environment where they won’t be judged.

Gives you freedom:

Homeschooling will free you from many of the stresses and struggles that traditional schooling can present, such as homework battles,set vacations and the dreaded school run.

At Impaq, we provide you with the products, services and tools needed to successfully educate your children at home. Our comprehensive set of educational products from Grade R – 12 is based on the national CAPS curriculum and available in English and Afrikaans. We offer academic, administrative and assessment assistance to make homeschooling possible for your family.

So, make the smart choice – visit to learn more.

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