Homeschooled Impaq learner wins gold at prestigious ballet competition

Josie Charlotte Ridgway, a homeschooled Impaq learner, won gold at the Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition in New York. She credits homeschool curriculum provider, Impaq with giving her the freedom to pursue her dream while still completing school.

Being homeschooled allows Josie to follow her dream

Josie started studying through Impaq in 2016 to focus on her dancing. She was homeschooled to allow her to finish school and pursue her ballet career. Josie can consequently practise her dancing six days a week and study when it suits her.

Impaq is the largest curriculum provider in South Africa. They offer a distance-learning model where learners apply self-learning. Moreover, Josie’s goal to do both simultaneously is supported by Impaq’s well-organised material.

Travelling the world

In January and February this year, Josie toured with a ballet company dancing the Nutcracker. Subsequently, she won gold in New York, in March. By May, she competed in the British Ballet Grand Prix (BBGP) in Leicester, UK. This was certainly a remarkable event as she and her teammates won gold for their trio. In addition, Josie and her coach also won gold for choreography. Josie has set timetables to help her travel schedule so she can still dance while keeping up with her academic work.  “It allows me to focus on my dance, and study via correspondence while I’m travelling.”

Finding inspiration

Her parents serve as her role models, she says. “They work hard each and every day to make what I love happen.” Josie is also inspired by her dance teachers. She hopes one day to open her own studio and teach dance. In short, Josie advises other homeschooled learners: “Keep working hard and follow your dreams. Do what you love and never give up”.

How Impaq works?

Impaq offers students a distance-learning homeschool model with:

  • CAPS-aligned lesson material,
  • Detailed facilitator guides,
  • Access to education specialists,
  • online Guided Learning platform.

This article was supplied by Impaq Education which provides all the products, services and tools you need to educate your child at home from Grade R to Grade 12.

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