Grandparent’s love is priceless

The love and affection kids receive from their grandparents is priceless. It’s a different kind of caring, gentle, genuine and filled to the brim. I see how my mum in law has all the patience in the world with all her grandkids. They love her to bits because she always has time for them.

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Spa vibes for kids

Unwind and enjoy a beautiful, professional spa environment with your baby, kid or tween. Life Day Spa understands that every kid wants a pamper – just like mum , and nurtures the unique needs of both kids and tweens, with a focus on problematic skin.

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How makes parents lives easier

Jozi – a wonderland of things to do, places to go, of people to see, of schools for every need and more. It’s all so overwhelming – and welcoming at the same time. Its what makes the city beat, and what gives a reason to help you – mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, teacher or caregiver – keep your finger on the pulse.

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