Century CinemaX – The ultimate movie experience

CinemaX brings a breath of fresh air to the South African movie going experience. Bespoke cinemas, with attention to detail for all ages in mind. These cinemas are a cut above the rest – designed to take the movie fan to new heights of pleasure. Tickle the senses with the smell of hot buttered popcorn & fresh coffee, and hold your breath for the vast array of movie screens on offer.

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Writing exams : Tips for parents to handle stress

Studies show that 50% of parents suffer from chest pains, headaches, insomnia and anxiety during their kids’ exams. OK, that’s not true but if those studies were carried out, I’d be one of those 50%. Each year I coax myself into not stressing; failure is part of success they say; it’s their lives right, they can deal with the consequences of not studying.

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Sleep training baby for a good nights sleep

It is extremely important to set the stage for your baby to get to sleep on their own and then to  settle themselves back to sleep when they wake up at night.  Effective sleep training requires taking their age, growth and lots of other factors into account.

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