by Nazmeera Moonda, mom to 4 beautiful children, Arabic teacher, loves travelling and cooking, endlessly curious about the world and invaluable Jozikids staff member.

I have always wondered how I can introduce my kids to giving back to the community.  Children look forward to the holidays because they can relax and have fun whether it is a day trip, just kicking the soccer ball or doing absolutely nothing.  This holiday I told them that twice a week I would take them to places they wanted to go. However  on the other two days they would need to dedicate a few hours of their time to making others happy.

We visited Sci-Bono and went bumboarding.  Then  I arranged with Flying children an NPO that helps pre-schools in poor areas, to involve my kids and their friends in their project.

Lindy , the founder of Flying Children, was very responsive and eager for us to assist. She took us to  a township  school on the West Rand on a small site with one classroom and one toilet  shared by more than 20 children.  The little ones used buckets when they need to go to the toilet simultaneously.  It was  heart breaking.

We  contributed in the little way we could: planting and paving.  From their questions and expressions it was obvious that my children and their friends were saddened by the situation they witnessed. Each one of them worked hard to make the place look neat and safer for the other kids.They were eager to return and assist with painting two weeks later.

Kids need to get involved in community projects, no matter how small the contribution. It gives them a sense of appreciation of what God has given them.

I hope to continue with the preschool project so that my kids learn to follow through with a firm commitment what they have begun.

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