Level 3 Lockdown. As parents, how do we adjust to the new norm at school? Our social feeds are flooded and somewhat overwhelming: different opinions, different stats, different advice.  If you are looking for help for school in this new phase, there’s an abundance of services and products that can make life much easier:

Lets Mask It!

Covid-19 has certainly unleashed the creativity and artesanal skills in everyone- young and old. The dust has been wiped off the sewing machines, and mass production of masks has set the trend. These have been deemed safe to wear, and an absolute must to ward off the disease.

So, let’s face it ( or mask it):  masks are here to stay, and are probably the most fashionable item to own.  And we need more than one to keep them clean. They could be elasticated, strung, with filters or without: the options are endless. Choose from traditional African print masks, to DIY masks and even some shields. Click here to view various options that will help with school routines – especially keeping them on. . Purchase yours now.

Safe Shuttling

Whizzing around Gauteng is always easy. But with the new regulations and the question of safety and sanitation, we are all treading with caution. Is the car sanitised? Who are my kids travelling with? Are my kids at risk with the other passengers?

For peace of mind and easy shuttling of kids, nannies and domestic workers, many transport services have stepped up their game and improved on their services. Click here for a reliable transport service that can certainly take the load off to help with school rounds while you get back to work. Keeping your precious ones safe and on the go.

Tuition and Homeschooling Services

Our kids have attempted e-schooling, self studying and even homeschooling. The only thing certain is that they have mastered how to wipe out a gig of data in seconds, and further improved their Zoom, Google Classroom, Team Viewer, Skype and other skills.

Tuition and homeschooling services have certainly come to the rescue- especially for parents who cannot work and teach simultaneously from home. Study anytime, anywhere for any grade offline or online. Click here to choose the right tuition or homeschooling  fit for your kid.

Dance, Drama, Dinner and more

No contact sports, no socials, no playtime at break. Kids are pining for their old routines, missing their friends and all the extra mural fun. Luckily most of these classes have been able to soldier on, even if its online.

Kids can now tap a dance, meet a drama queen, whip up a dinner,  bake, sing, stretch, explore and more. Join a variety of online classes from the comfort of your home

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