Jayshree Sita, mom to 2 gorgeous, lively kids, Amishka 9yrs and Vishen  5yrs.  She traded the glamorous life of a chartered accountant to become a teacher. She’s also an aspiring writer and artist who is passionate about self-development and keeping her family happy.

If I die today, I ask myself

Have I given my children enough love ?

Have I laughed with them and cuddled them?

Have I shared some of my life’s lessons?

Have I given them strength

To face the world with courage?

Have I shared my values

so that they know what is important to me?

Have I taught them to question

and make sense of the world in their own way?

Have I introduced them

to the wonders of nature

that so inspire me

and bring joy to my heart

and to all the other things that make my spirit soar?

Have I encouraged them to be true to themselves

and follow their own path in life?

Have I allowed them the freedom

to explore and have adventures

to taste the juice and passion of life?

Have I given them the space to fall

and pick themselves up?

Have I been there

to nurture them, comfort them,

sing with them, dance with them?

Have I been true to myself

So that they learn not from what I say, but what I do?

Have I been a good mother

on my own terms?

Jayshree Sita   10 Sep 2010

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