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…and how to adapt your parenting style to it. It covers issue such as: why punishment works for one child but not for the other, how to focus your limited time and energy accurately by giving child-specific parental input, how to speak your child’s language so that you really understand each other and the right way to handle your child’s emotions, needs and achievements, so that she will be a child with character.

You read about 4 different personalities, with their own characteristics. It has a checklist which you work through for both your child and yourself in order for you to determine the best way to handle your child given your own strengths and weaknesses. I found the checklist of characteristics initially difficult to work through, and it was only once I read through my daughter’s personality “handbook” that I could identify her more easily. I had to go back to reassess her before I found a good fit. Having said that I still don’t fully agree with the description of the characteristics of her “type”, but I have a feeling it’s my interpretation of the words, rather than the writers’ presentation.

The book is written with a strong religious slant which might be off-putting to some. The writer summarizes for each personality how God spoke to that person.

What alarmed me was that the writer is pro-spanking and justifies this with bible verses.  It was printed in 2008,which makes her suggestions unlawful as per the Children’s Amendment bill promulgated in 2007. She does offer alternatives to spanking though, as well as point out that for some personalities spanking is the least effective disciplining method.

Despite this I would still recommend this book as it is the only parenting book that I am aware of that incorporates both you and your child’s personalities and how to work with it. It  offers some great insights as to how to treat each person in the family with love and understanding.

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