While common, conventional cleaners may be cheaper in the short term, most of them come with a long-term price tag, compromised health.  Most “Industry standard” cleaners  contain strong chemicals and disinfectants which pose major health risks for people, animals and the environment.  In fact most labels carry severe warnings for cleaning products to be used; with gloved hands only, avoid contact with eyes, mouth and throat, and to be kept strictly out of the reach of children.

Common cleaning products can cause a myriad of immediate and short term health problems which include; headaches; dizziness; skin, respiratory and eye irritation.

Children are among the most vulnerable when it comes to chemical build-up in the home, because of their smaller size and weight, and because of their still developing systems.  Some of the most commonly used and proven most toxic household products are; drain and oven grease removers, toilet-bowl cleaners, chlorinated disinfectants and dish detergent.

Be a conscious consumer 

If you are someone who cares, we recommend the following steps to ensure you feel comfortable about what you use at home:

1. Learn what’s actually in the products you use in your home and ask questions from those who hold the answers, the manufacturers.
2. Ask yourself how you feel, after using a particular product in your home or office?
3. Support companies, brands and products who have undertaken to create safer alternatives for you and your family.

Here are some chemicals to look out for

Phthalates – found in cleaning products such as  air fresheners, Aerosoles and plastics.

Triclosan – found in hand soaps and dishwashing liquids and antibacterial laden products.

Perchloroethylene/PERC –  found in carpet and upholstery cleaners, spot stain removers and dry-cleaning liquids.

Ammonia –  found in ​polishing agents, bathroom, floor, glass, carpet, metal, upholstery, and all-purpose cleaners .

Chlorine –  found in laundry whiteners, household tap water, toilet bowl cleaners and mold/ mildew treatments.

Sodium Hydroxide – found in oven and drain cleaners.

Do natural products work?

A great misconception of cleaning products is that they must be harsh and filled with chemicals  to clean effectively. Natural products with plant-based active ingredients could have even better results – and are certainly better for you. Improved health, reduction in allergies and doctors visits are only some of the reasons why.

Looking for an alternative? 

SoPure Naturally’s range of 98% plant-powered products gives us all an opportunity to keep our households clean and green. You’ll be happy to know, they’ve put it all on the label conveniently for your information!

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