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* This divine kids’ show is on for another 4 days, including today, so get there! *

Goggas! A South African Musical is fresh and clever; ideal for little ones aged 4 to 9.

What’s it about?

Cleverly choreographed by Jaques de Silva, beautifully costumed by the legendary Sarah Roberts, and set to a host of re-jigged contemporary hits, Goggas! is the story of Lady Caroline, a British butterfly, who accidentally lands in South Africa, and Antic, the picnic ant, who helps her.

The pair travels through Jozi to help Lady Caroline to find her way home, encountering local goggas en route: Lola the Ladybird, Connie the Chameleon, Bafana the Bee, and others.

But once Lady Caroline has made new friends, appeared before a local queen, experienced Mzansi hospitality (from a skhaftin), escaped being cooked up for lunch, and possibly even fallen in love, will she be able to return home?

Exciting bits

I interviewed the two 7-year-olds who saw Goggas! with me, and they were blown away by the brightly coloured butterfly costume, the convincing panic of Bafana the Bee-who’s-allergic-to-honey, and the over-riding message that, “…even if you have no friends at first, that doesn’t mean you can’t make some”.

Created by Gillian Katz, adapted by the late Francois Theron, and directed by Jade Bowers, this is a Naledi Award winner in its third SA season, and you’ll see why.

Look out for magnificent performances by Carla Classen as Lady Caroline and Jaques De Silva as Antic, as well as a solid support cast of gorgeous voices. Listen out, too, for catchy ‘grown-up’ songs like ‘Uptown Funk’, ‘Nkalakatha’, ‘Cool Kids’, ‘Royals’, ‘Stay with Me’, and ‘Airplanes Pt II’.

Bottom line? This is a simple and unpretentious story. Your kids will love it. Go.

The details

When: Til 23 December 2018
Shows: 10:30 & 14:30 Monday to Saturday
Where: National Children’s Theatre, 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown, JHB
Duration: 1.15 hours, including intermission
Bookings: /

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