Get ahead in 2021 with Global Village College. This bespoke education centre in Centurion offers a complete online school: an international learning opportunity preparing students for the Cambridge International exams and an international matric.

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Enrol in the prestigious online school now!

Enrolments are open for 2021!  Contact Global Village College, the prestigious online school that  prides itself in:

Career planning
Choosing the right subjects to meet the requirements for an internationally recognised matriculation certificate or university admission.

Seamless transition
from CAPS and IEB 

Social opportunities where students meet their peers for community projects, social events and workshops.

Why choose the Global Village College online school programme?

It is well-structured, easy to follow and innovative. Students are geared to achieve the Cambridge International GCSE and AS (Matric) qualifications and for success in their future world.

It is customised and individualised.
Students can choose to learn at their own pace to progress faster OR attend structured, weekly online timetabled classes.

It encourages students to enrol in The President’s Award.
The best way to round off your education and become world ready!  Set your university application apart and stand a better chance of being accepted for your chosen studies. Plus substantially improve chances for landing your dream job.

Online school course options

    • Stage 6
    • Stage 7, 8 & 9
    • International GCSE
    • AS/ A Level*

*Applications from students who have progressed with Global Village College from at least International GCSE Level.

All courses include:

    • 30 Week blended learning course, including:
      1. curriculum aligned course material,
      2. specially designed activities
      3. infograghics
      4. relevant video lessons and
      5. carefully selected and appropriate internet links.
    • 5 Sets of marked assignments for each subject with timely feedback by a fully qualified and experienced subject specialist tutor;
    • Past papers with memorandums;
    • 3 Progress transcripts to track your child’s progress.

A student may choose to learn in one of 2 ways:

  1. Learn at your own pace.  There are 3 options for those wishing to work independently at their own pace. Each option includes varying levels of academic support.  
  2. Timetabled classes.  The school also caters for students who need structured, timetabled classes. Includes academic support

Academic support offered:

  • Individual academic coaching

A personalised one-on-one meeting with a specialist academic coach, guiding  students to improve their skills and performance and keeping them on track. Coaching is a planning, guidance and counselling process. Children are assisted with goal setting, time management and how to prepare for and approach their exams. Academic coaches work closely with subject tutors, identifying areas that need attention.

  • Subject specific tutoring

Subject specialist tutoring is tuition in specific subject areas to improve a students academic performance. Tutors are qualified teachers with years of experience and subject expertise. Tutoring can be included for the duration of the course, for exam preparation or as required for any subject area or skill.  Individual and group tutoring is available.

Additional optional services

Contact Global Village College (Pty) Ltd – an international online school

Call Tracey Howard – 083 630 6005 or 068 325 6858 or send an email
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