At long last  the anxious parents of next year’s grade 1 and 8 pupils  at Gauteng public schools will be able to start the application process to find out which school will accept their children in 2022.

Parents will have to apply using the online system in either phase 1 or phase 2. However, the GDE has identified 47 walk-in centres for parents who do not have access to the net and for those frustrated parents who are struggling with the online application system. 

GDE applications: Phase 2 Online applications

GDE applications

Online applications for admission for the 2022 academic year opened on Tuesday 10 August.  The process is being conducted in 2 phases and is expected to be completed in November.

Phase 1: The first phase was for learners who are currently at a public school. Applications are now closed and placements will be communicated directly with applicants.

Phase 2: The second phase is for gr 1 learners from a foreign country or gr 8 applications for learners not in Grade 7 in public schools. This phase starts on 13 September at 8am and closes on 8 October at midnight 

Parents and guardians will also complete the 5 Step Application Process without prior verification of details.

GDE Applications

GDE Applications: DOCUMENTS required

Parents will need to upload or submit certified copies of supporting documents to schools they applied to within 7 days. The documents required for grade 1 and 8 applications are:

GDE applications document required for grade 1 and 8

If a parent uses a cell-phone number that differs from the one provided to the school the system will prompt the parent to contact the school to correct the number;

Every step of the application process will be confirmed via SMS for security and verification purposes.

GDE Applications to Schools of Specialisation

Parents who apply to Schools of Specialisation must ensure that they contact the school to arrange for the auditions or admission tests,

GDE registrations: Criteria for the school area

When a parent or guardian applies to a school for their child, it is critical to remember that the following criteria is considered in order of priority of the following:

GDE applications criteria for area of school

GDE applications:  WALK-INS

47 decentralised walk-in centres plus some District Offices and the Head Office will be available to those who cannot access registration online. 

gde applications walk-in centres


More information

For more updates regarding GDE related news and information, visit the:
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Alternatives to GDE Public Schools

If you are unsure you want your child to continue attending a public school next year, there are so many alternative, independent private school options you can explore.

Click here to find a list of alternative schooling options ranging from homeschooling support services, small and big independent schools for all levels of schooling, online schools and tuition centres.

Click below to find independent schools:

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