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Fun Size, Paramount’s latest release, will definitely delight the Teens and Tweenies, but it is very comical and I’m guessing that the adults will enjoy the silliness and the humour too.  I certainly did!

The movie centres on Wren, a pretty teenager, and her little brother Albert (Jackson Nicholl) and their friends and family.  Wren, who is fairly normal, comes from a highly dysfunctional family!  Her dad has passed away and her mom, Joy, (Chelsea Handler) has taken up with a much younger guy.  Her little brother doesn’t talk at all,  and clearly isn’t playing with a full deck (or so it seems!).

The movie begins on Halloween, when Wren is invited to THE Halloween Party of the year, hosted by THE school jock, who appears to have his sights set on getting to know her better.  She cannot believe her luck, but her dreams are shattered when her mom asks her to babysit Albert, so she can go to a funky party with her boyfriend.  Wren’s ditzy and irresponsible best friend, April, is mortified that they can’t go to the party, but sticks with Wren as she takes her bother trick or treating around the neighbourhood.   Whilst wondering around a “haunted house”, Albert disappears into the crowd of kids and they embark on a frantic search to find him, before their mom gets home.

Wren and April are joined by Peng, co-captain of the debate team, and Peng’s best friend, nerdy, but very sweet, Roosevelt, who comes from a family of two “shoowah” and oh so chilled and intelligent Lesbian moms! Despite his better judgment, Roosevelt has a crush on Wren and despite the fact that he is the classic good-goody, he breaks all the rules to help her.

Meanwhile, Albert is off on an adventure of his own, blissfully unaware of the chaos he is causing.

If this sounds like fun, trust me, it is!  So, grab your kids and head out to see this movie this weekend.

The movie, which is directed by Josh Schwartz and written by Max Werner, is rated PG-13 and releases countrywide on 23 November, just in time for the school holidays.

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