by Heather Dodd, architect, eco-warrior and mother of  4yr old Kate,  an enthusiastic tree pruner and possible vet.

A few weekends ago we went to the Johannesburg Zoo and fed White Stinkwood Tree cuttings to the Giraffes – they love it – they actually start salivating as they see the trailer coming towards them (makes you feel quite important – driving your own car through the Zoo !) This time they let us climb over the fence and get right up close.

This is a very special thing that we’ve been doing with our 4  yr old daughter, Kate over the past year. We saw an appeal from the Zoo for tree cuttings. The giraffes and elephants ( Ellies) at the Zoo require fresh cuttings from indigenous trees (Acacia /Rus / White Stinkwood) and we have some of these trees in our garden.

We have been about 4 times. 3 to the giraffes and once to the elephants.  We take our trailer to the Zoo with the cuttings and go with the man in charge of feeding – Patrick to give the cuttings to the animals.

Now Kate is a very enthusiastic tree pruner.

So for all you afro optimists – where else can you do this ?


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