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The 6th movie in the Fast and Furious series is, to my mind, the most exciting, if far-fetched of them all!  I was riveted and felt my heart pounding in my chest almost all the way through the action packed 2 hours! I would not have left the theatre for anything, in case I missed a single minute.

The movie begins with Diplomatic Security Services Agent, Luke Hobbs, (played by the hunky Dwayne Johnson) and his team,  investigating the destruction of a Russian Military convoy.  Hobbs believes that ex British special forces soldier, Owen Shaw, (played by Luke Evans) and his sidekicks are responsible,  and realising that it wont be easy to track Shaw down, he decides to enlist the help of the brilliant ex professional con, Dominic Toretto (Played by the suave Vin Diesel) and his hand picked gang.  After afast and furious 3 successful heist in Fast and Furious 5, the gang, including ex FBI agent turned criminal, Brian O’Connor (played by the gorgeous Paul Walker),  decides to retire, and enjoy the fruits of their labours.  However, they remain wanted fugitives.

Toretto is not keen to work with the law, but Hobbs makes him a tempting offer and reveals to him that his dead lover, Letty Ortiz, presumed dead, is still alive and working with Shaw.

Toretto summons his team from far and wide and the fun begins!

A number of heart stopping “fast and furious” car, formula One, and even airplane chases, gun battles, spectacular explosions, and lots of surprises make this movie an adventure of note!

The ominous ending leaves the way clear for yet another sequel, so be prepared for more of the same in the near future.

Oh boy! Oh boy!  The teens are going to love this movie, especially the boys.  But, moms and dads will enjoy this exciting fast paced extravaganza too.

Written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Lin,  the film will be released countrywide on Friday, 24 May, and has been classified 13 LV.

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