Opening its virtual doors to learners from Grade R to Grade 9, from January 2021, ADvTECH’s new online offering, Evolve Online School will change the face of online schooling in South Africa.

“In this rapidly changing society, the one-size-fits-all method of teaching no longer makes any sense,” says Principal Colin Northmore. 

Registrations open in September (enquire here)

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Let the Online School Adventure Begin

Are you ready for an educational adventure of self-discovery and subject mastery? Join Evolve Online School which offers:

Tailor made approach to suit your needs

Kids are encouraged to grow at their own pace, one that suits their ability and enthusiasm. Students will be placed within subjects according to their abilities. This will allow them to:

  • progress faster where they are gifted and
  • work at a more deliberate pace to master content they find more challenging.

Custom curriculum

Developed by a group of master teachers in South Africa from ADvTECH schools. This means that your child will benefit from content developed by excellent teachers or Learning Architects, with proven track records. 

Lessons based on mastery

Only move on once you have mastered a subject! And this goes beyond a show of marks – Evolve focuses on meaningful, sustainable learning. 


Although quality education in South Africa comes at a premium price, Evolve believes in providing quality education that is affordable.

Digital Mastery

Essential to their success is not only being familiar with the use of different technology but being able to create content for it. The coding curriculum starts in Grade R. Evolve students learn to become digitally-savvy, keep themselves safe online and distinguish between fake and fact.

Learning Activators will ensure a holistic digital learning journey as opposed to simply copying and pasting the physical class into a virtual space.

Mapped progress and reporting

Students will undergo diagnostic assessments for placement before and during their educational journey. 

Age appropriate life coaching

A dedicated team of life coaches will develop foundational, social and emotional learning skills. Amongst others, students will learn how to deal with issues such as stress and anxiety, and develop coping mechanisms, resilience and a growth mindset.

The Structure and Approach of Evolve Online School

Phased learning: The school is divided into Foundation phase, Intermediate phase and Senior phase. With a guiding hand from Learning Activators, parents can play their role in helping children learn and grow. 

Curriculum: The curriculum is supported via apps and age appropriate books as well as adventure boxes for foundation phase learners.  It incorporates numeracy, literacy, digital literacy, and IDEAS ( a combination of Social Science, Arts, Natural Science, Economics, Technology and Economic Science into an integrated, instructional based learning adventure). IDEAS builds on the Foundation Phase Journey Boxes and creates a challenging and exciting learning experience that is relevant and builds higher order thinking and future oriented skills

Approach: The Evolve approach includes: 

  • Asynchronous learning so that learners can move through content at their own pace and according to their own proficiency. Students will also have direct access to their teachers who will facilitate extra activation classes.
  • Synchronous learning where our students will also be able to attend live interactive classes, making this a true online school.
  • Socialisation opportunities with academies, studios and day camps monthly so that students can meet other “Evolvers” and get green time to balance their screen time.

More Information and Contact

ADvTECH is Africa’s largest private education provider. Its schools division includes iconic brands such as Crawford Schools, Trinityhouse and Abbotts. Read more 

The all new Evolve Online School will open for registrations for Grade R-9 (2021)  in September. Grade 10-12 will be phased in in 2022. 

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