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This is my favourite Easter activity from when I was a child. We did this every year as a family and then would exchange our painted eggs on Easter day! The best part is that they are edible!

You will need:
White candy coated chocolate Easter eggs
Food colouring
Paint brush or cotton buds
Paper towel
Containers for food colouring



Step 1:
Put some food colouring in small containers. You can dilute the colour with water to make it lighter, but be sure not to take too much diluted colouring onto your brush as if its too watery it will run. Otherwise use the colour as is undiluted. For younger kids, use cotton buds to paint with as they soak up extra water. For older kids who want to be more precise in their designs, use a thin brush.


Step 2
You can either hold your egg with your fingers and paint it, or set it in an egg holder and do the top half and then bottom. You can be as creative as you want to do whatever designs come into your head. At the end you should have some beautiful eggs that you can eat later! Enjoy!


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