Calling on God’s little angels to report for duty.

Mission: Keeping Earthy, love your body and your Earth too!

Tools: Fun

Training: Herb Planting, Smoothie Making, Recycling

Venue: Northgate Shopping Centre, Cotton On Court

Time: 6 to 15 July, 11am – 3pm,


The Northgate Shopping Mall has ingeniously put together a fun and educational holiday program that is embodied in 3 simple words: Grow. Nourish. Create.



Herb Planting

Leave your kids in expert care as they feel the soil between their fingers. Grubby feet, and scruffy fingernails are all welcome here. With a sprinkling of fun, and a dash of love, they will plant their own herbs, then take them home , shower them with even more love and tender loving care and watch them grow! Dear Mama: this little angel has helped bring a seed to life, by growing and nurturing – wont you hop on over to Northgate to sow the seeds of love for Mother Earth too?

Smoothie Making

A, B, C’s and 1,2,3’s all make for great buzz of rhymes, but hey! Whizz ‘em together and you have a great blend of nutrition too! Apple, Beetroot and Carrot is the ABC of mamas blend, but what ingredient will little angel lend? Kids will enjoy creating their own unique smoothies, packed with goodness and freshness and of course some energy too! Make way for some healthy, bouncy kids, with a new flavour for the pallet- these little angels love their bodies enough to ditch the sweetie hatchet.


Reuse, Reduce and Recycle –they’re in the Rhythm now for some awesome Recreation. With a splitter splatter here and a splitter splatter splat there, kids can let loose as they bring their imaginations to life with some cool creations. A variety of household recyclable goods will be available for kids to use – inspiring kids to continuously recycle. Warning: We do not take responsibility for your dentures becoming dinosaur mouthpieces!

Northgate Shopping Centre has its own recycling centre outside Entrance 4 for you to practise your own recycling.

C’mon boys and girls – bring Mum and Dad over too. We’re never too old to learn a lesson or two – let’s create awareness and a sense of ownership for our health and the environment too. Remember , goody bags will be given to the first 50 children of the day so hurry on up!


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