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This one is a definite no-no for the kids but for the older teens and adults, it’s a must see if you want to literally laugh your butt off!  You don’t HAVE to have seen the previous 7 American Pie movies, but if you have,  so much the better!

Written and directed by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, this movie will delight audiences.  It is risque and hilarious and it will leave you giggling for days!

The movie features the same five high school buddies –  Jim (played by Jason Biggs), Oz (played by Chris Klein), Kevin (played by Thomas Ian Nicholas)  Finch (played by Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Stifler (played by Seann William Scott).  Thirteen years after graduating high school, thefriends have gone their separate ways and are living the stereotypical American Dream.  Jim is married to Michelle (played by Alyson Hannigan) and they have a toddler of their own.  Oz is an NFL sportscaster living in Los Angeles with his supermodel girlfriend,  Mia,  (played by Katrina Bowden). Kevin is an architect,  married to Ellie (Played by Charlene Amoia) Finch has supposedly gone MIA and Stifler works as a temp at an investment firm, and is as crazy as ever. .

When they are invited to a high school reunion, Jim and Michelle decide to attend, and they meet up with Oz and Kevin at a bar. Finch and Stifler also arrive and the fun begins!

The following day they meet up with various other long lost high school buddies and a weekend of debauchery, misunderstandings and awakening of long lost love ensues, in typical American Pie Style.

18-year old beauty,  Kara, who Jim used to baby sit, and her friends,  end up in the middle of the shenanigans,  and all hell breaks loose, with hysterically funny consequences.  And, of course, Jim’s dad (played by Eugene Levy) and Stifffler’s mom, played by Jennifer Coolidge are still around and still as entertaining as hell!

The movie is classified 16 SNL, and opened at cinemas countrywide on 05 April.

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