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 Often we are discouraged by the cost and effort of buying expensive art supplies that we neglect our children’s needs for expression and development of their fine motor skills.

Here  are 3 ideas for turning humble office supplies into spectacular works of art. These exercises will also help children develop “Out of the Box thinking”

Envelopes turned to Canvas

Simply cut a piece of Cardboard from old boxes to the size of the envelope. Slip it in and seal. You now have a firm surface that will withstand alot of moisture. Any size envelope will work.
Cost  : Under R2 per Envelope. Canvas of the same size +-R20 per Canvas.


Old toothbrush or make-up brush to paint brush

Be sure to sterilise these items before us.
Cost: R 0
Professional paintbrush: +- R15 upwards

Food colour to watercolours

Diluting food colour with a few drops of water gives the same effect as watercolour paint. The less water you add the more intense the colour and vice versa. No more messy watercolour pallets cluttering your draws, breaking and crumbling and dont get me started on those useless brushes that come with those sets …

All you need is three colours pink , blue and yellow. From these three you can mix to make orange , green , and purple. You can control the amount the children use and keep it stored safely for future use. Not a lot is required.

Cost: Food colouring R21 for 3
Good quality watercolour palets R21 and above.


Ring binder to googly eyes

Ring Binders make an Excellent Alternative to Googly eyes. Extremely cost effective as you can buy an entire pack of 720 pieces compared to googly eyes which usually come as 24 in a pack for the same price or more
Cost : R +- 11 Pack of 720
Googly eyes: R 12



Follow this easy peasy step by step picture tutorial to draw an owl that can be traced by the Kids before they paint it. Awesome Fine Motor exercise to develop or improve Handwriting Skills.

Honestly you needn’t have any drawing experience to copy this.


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