Shannon Walbran wrote these DIY Kids columns but now works full time as a Spirit Guide interpreter, on the radio and TV, bringing people angelic messages.

We’d like to introduce one of our new bloggers. Shannon will be writing a regular feature called DIY Kids, with crafts and recycling projects you can make with your children.

Going with our “Back To School” theme, today’s project is a Recycled Money Cuff so your child can carry some tuckshop cash safely.

What You’ll Need:

A button-down shirt, man’s or large boy’s size
A t-shirt, large (you’ll just need to cut off one sleeve)
Needle and thread
Optional: paint markers, permanent markers, or fabric paints

Time: less than one hour


Step 1

Cut the cuff off of the man’s shirt.

Step 2

Cut the sleeve off of the t-shirt.

Step 3

Unfold the cuff and lay it on a table. Lay the t-shirt sleeve over it and measure a piece from the sleeve slightly larger than the cuff. Keep the hem of the t-shirt sleeve intact, as that will be the top of the money pocket. Cut out a rectangle from the t-shirt just a little bit bigger than the man’s shirt cuff.

Step 4

Sew the t-shirt rectangle to the inside of the cuff to form a money pocket. Trim any excess from the t-shirt so the edges match.

Step 5

Fold up your cash and put it in the pocket,

Step 6

Wrap the cuff around your wrist and button it — it won’t fall out!

Optional: Decorate your cuff as you wish with markers or paint.

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