Shannon Walbran wrote these DIY Kids columns but now works full time as a Spirit Guide interpreter, on the radio and TV, bringing people angelic messages.

Today’s craft is money-saving, healthful and fun.

Hula hoops that you buy in a toy shop never work for taller kids or adults because the hoop is far too small.  A hoop has to go all the way up to your chest, or even up to your neck, to really swing it.  If you add weight to the hoop, it can actually work your abs and core muscles.  Let’s hoop!

What You’ll Need

  • a trip to the hardware store
  • black plastic irrigation tubing
  • a connector
  • a cup of water
  • duct tape

Step 1: Go to the hardware store

Ask where they keep the black plastic irrigation tubing, for gardens.

Step 2: Cut it to size

Choose the 1 cm tubing, and make a circle of it so it meets between your chest and your neck.  Ask the hardware store employee to cut it for you.  My tubing cost me R18.

Step 3: Buy a connector, but take the whole thing home first

This is what the connector looks like.  It is a “male-male” and will help you close the loop.  My connector cost me R3.

It is inserted into one side of the loop, but I’m taking it home to…

Step 4: Add a cup of water to the pipe and seal it up.

Adding water gives the hoop some weight, and that makes it much easier to swing than a light, flimsy hula hoop.

Connect the tube to the red connector and then seal it with duct tape.

I am 155 cm tall, and the hula hoop is 110 cm in diameter. See how it is as tall as my chest?

Step 5: Swing it!

Try it for ten minutes at first, listening to music.  Raise and lower your arms.  Once you get good at it, you can hoop for up to 30 minutes.

You might get a sore spot on your waist or hip, but for me that went away after three days.  Keep at it and we’re sure to see a stronger core.

Please leave us a comment or post a picture if you’ve made your own hula hoop!

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