Shannon Walbran wrote these DIY Kids columns but now works full time as a Spirit Guide interpreter, on the radio and TV, bringing people angelic messages.

Today’s project involves sewing, but don’t be intimidated.  You could use a sewing machine or a needle and thread.

Here are the instructions boiled down to the most basic version:  Take a hoodie and add ears!

What You’ll Need:

  • an old t-shirt, adult size Large or bigger, in the color of the animal you wish (yellow for lion)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • a hoodie that fits
  • optional: a sheet or two of craft foam in a coordinating color

Step 1: Make the hoodie

Take a hoodie that fits and lay it against the bottom hem of the t-shirt — this saves you lots of stitching by having the frame already sewn for you.  Cut around the hoodie generously.  Put the two pieces together with the wrong sides out.  Sew the arched line together.  Turn the new hood inside out.

Step 2: Make the ears

Cut one sleeve off the t-shirt.  Cut that sleeve in half.  Fold each small piece and sew it into a mini-hoodie, which will look like an ear.  Sew each ear onto the sides of the hoodie head.  If you like floppy ears, you’re done.

Step 3: Try it on

If you prefer perky ears, look at the black arrow in the photo above and add one stitch there to make the ears stick up.

Step 4: Add details, like a lion’s mane

Cut a strip from the bottom of the t-shirt, reserving the neckline and shoulders for the “body” of the costume.  Take the strip and cut small slits into it; the strip will curl up nicely.

Align the strip around the frame of the face and sew it into place.

If you have additional fringe, you can tie it around the wrists and ankles.

Step 5: Paws

Take a sheet of craft foam and cut it to the size of the person’s foot.  Shape a paw with a scissors.  Cut an insert point.

The paw will lie on top of the wearer’s shoes or feet.

Enjoy making and wearing your costumes!

These animal costumes could be used for Halloween, a fancy-dress party, or imaginary play around the house.  Which animal are you going to be today?


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