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Today’s project is an easy way to create play food from felt.  You can take a few squares of craft felt plus felt or fabric scraps and make a whole tray of maki and California rolls for your play kitchen, for your dolls and soft toys, or to give as a present.

What You’ll Need:

  • Squares of felt (usually sold in 21 cm square pieces) in black, white, and pink/red & colors of your choice
  • Thread in black and white
  • Scissors
  • A black foam vegetable tray left over from buying food at a grocery store
Step 1:
Cut four strips from the black, white, and pink squares.  Each strip will measure approximately 4 cm by 21 cm.
Cut the black strips in half, so each half-strip will measure 4 cm by 10 cm.

Step 2:

Roll the pink filling (salmon) up very tightly, and hold it with a bulldog paper clip.

Step 3:

Roll the white felt (rice) around the salmon.  Hold it with a bulldog clip.

Then roll the black felt (nori) around the rice.

Tie it with a piece of black thread and clip the thread close to the knot.  Maki roll!

Tips and Variations:

  • Place a set of six in a tray for authentic presentation
  • If you stop at the white felt, you are making a California roll. Tie with white thread
  • If you place a tiny scrap of a contrasting color inside the filling, it could look like a chive or scrambled egg…
  • Experiment with the widths of the black, white, and filling to make the sushi rolls look well-proportioned

See below for some examples —

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