By Natasha Vithal,  a mum, wife and striving mumpreneur. My journey changed with the birth of my son.

Exploring paint and colour with your kids is a great sensory process and great fun for kids. We use different objects to make different patterns. You can work in the three primary colours so the kids can see how to mix colours and the new colours that evolve.

You don’t need to buy anything, you can use whatever you have at home. We used the following:
– paint
– paper plate
– toy car
– fork
– nailbrush
– toy spring.

Pour the paint onto the paper plate and and move the car back and forth so that the wheels pick up paint. Roll the car on the paper. The wheels make the most wonderful patterns.

Dip the spring or any circular object and make fun circular patterns.

Dip the fork into the paint and make patterns onto the paper.

We had lots of fun with the nailbrush, mixing colours and creating different patterns.

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