Today’s lifestyle is typically busy, with work, family, friends and recreational interests all demanding for their share of time and energy. Achieving and maintaining good health can be a challenge, with so many competing demands – particularly within families. Not only that, but as one moves around during the day – from work, to school, the gym or the sports field – one is exposed to a host of germs that can cause illness or odour. As a result, consumers are on the lookout for effective hygiene products that will both assist in preventing illness and ensuring a clean, fresh feeling.

Dettol’s ProFresh range of bath soaps are designed to address these needs. They help to protect against 100 illness-causing germs. They also provide active freshness by eliminating the germs found in sweat, causing body odour and itchiness.

With an improved formulation and fragrance, the range consists of four variants: Active, Cool, Fresh & Re-energize. Each of these are formulated to provide Odour Protection.By protecting against germs and odour, ProFresh is designed to support people in coping with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Regular handwashing and bath-times can play a crucial role in maintaining good health, as Dr Susan Louw points out. “By instilling good hygiene habits, it’s possible to prevent the transmission of germs and minimise sick days, which in turn has an impact on one’s ability to succeed at work or school,” she says. “Moreover, getting children and teenagers into the habit of keeping clean also helps to make them socially acceptable, which plays a very big part in their happiness and mental wellbeing.”

Physical activity is, of course, also a big component of good health – the more families keep active, the better for both their physical and mental wellbeing.The downside is that this too brings one in contact with germs – particularly at the gym, where they can build up on machines or in the bathrooms – as well as causingthe build-up of sweat and odour.

The ProFresh range is ultimately designed to ensure peace of mind. It allows the whole family to get out there, get active, confident in the knowledge that a bath or shower thereafter will leave each person protected against germs–ready to face another busy day.


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