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I absolutely loved the 2010 animated movie Despicable Me, so when I heard that there was a sequel in the works, I was sure I was going to be disappointed, as sequels are seldom as good as the original.  BUT, I have to admit that I couldn’t have been more wrong about Despicable Me 2.  It is every bit as good as the first movie, and I was captivated from start to finish.  It is just too cute for words!

The movie begins with an entire laboratory being stolen by a massive magnet, in a remote and isolated place! The Anti Villain League is concerned about the lab getting into the wrong hands as it contains a dangerous chemical that could be used to transform any living thing into a vicious and indestructible killer!

Former villain, Gru (voiced by Steve Carel), is now a respectable business man and father to Agnes (voiced by Elsie Fisher), Margo (voiced by Miranda Cosgrove) and Edith (voiced by Dana Gaier)  – 3 delightful orphans who changed his life when he adopted them (or should that be when they adopted him?) in Despicable Me. despicable me 2

His neighbor Gillian is intent on finding Gru a wife, and the girls are excited about the prospect of having a mommy.  Gru, however, hasn’t had great experiences with women, and is not at all interested.

Just after little Agnes’ birthday party, Gru is kidnapped by Agent Lucy Wilde (voiced by Kristen Wiig) of the Anti Villain League and “recruited” to find out who stole the laboratory,  and return the dangerous chemical.

Gru and Lucy embark on this mission together and start falling for each other, big time!

There’s lots of action, laughs and “awwww” moments in this beautiful 3D animated movie which prominently features Gru’s army of adorable little yellow Minions.

Distributed by Universal Pictures,  directed by Pierre  Coffin and Chris Renaud, the movie was produced by Illumination Entertainment.

The kids are going to lap this one up, but its an equally entertaining family movie, with lots of quips the adults will appreciate.  I laughed my butt off!

Despicable Me 2 releases at cinemas countrywide, on 05 July!  Just in time for the last week of the school holidays.

Arm yourself with popcorn, slushies and 3D glasses, and enjoy this delightful movie.

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