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Made our second trip to the Simba Delta Park Playground yesterday – still impressed at how neat and clean it seems to be, etc. (Went there on the day of the opening – did wonder, this being Jozi and all, how long it would last!). Even risked a boerie roll (at only R15 – this is not Cape Town, that’s for sure!), and am still alive to tell the tale. Should have been someone selling coffee – the li’l place was humming. In fact, a Simba chip or two would not have gone astray.

A minor concern; just to the right (facing north) of the playground is a little bridge and beyond that a small dam – we can see how easily it may be for kiddies to wander off in that direction. Just seemed a bit unsafe.

Other than that, a good time was had by all, as you will see via my “spy cam”

People were braaing and picnicking to such an extent that I started looking around for the Ayoba sign somewhere (Rainbow Nation/World Cup spirit and all)

Echoes of Wallace and Gromit (you can see I’m the parent of a toddler!),  as there was even a lady who took her toaster out for a day in the sun
Guess we’ll be back, but next time with some more of our own sustenance.

Does anyone have any idea how many more of these will be going up? I seem to recall reading about quite a number, but judging by the quality of the playground, I’m sure each sends the Simba chaps back a bit in the wallet region.

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