The Exciting Annual 67 Logos Designathon 

Taking place on Mandela Day, 18th July 2019, the second 67 Logos Designathon will see 67 designers come together in Johannesburg and Cape Town to design 67 logos for 67 small businesses.  Running again due to the enormous success of the inaugural event in 2018, CWDi has called upon small businesses and designers to become part of this year’s 67 Logos Designathon movement.  Designers will make a pledge to design a uniquely crafted logo for small businesses that are looking for a professional logo to kick start their businesses into full gear.

Johannesburg:  Workshop 17, West Street: 138 West Street, Johannesburg

Cape Town:  Workshop 17, The Harrington Street, Zannebloem, Cape Tow


  • DLP Photography
  • First Technology (PTY) LTD
  • I Am An Entrepeneur
  • Dish, Food & Social
  • Over the Rainbow
  • RGBO
  • SABT
  • The Lime Envelope
  • Von Seidels
  • WEB2PC

The designers will be selected and matched with the businesses based on their profiles, passions and experience. Designers will have three hours to execute on their brief and when not collaborating in the logo design process.

2018 Annual 67 Logos Designathon

Last year’s 67 Logos Designathon had a huge impact!  Based on the survey results done by CWDi, eighty percent of the business owners say that their donated logos have made a hugely positive difference to their businesses, eighty five percent say that their clients’ perception has changed for the better as a result of their new logos, seventy four percent reached their 2018 business goals and sixty percent say that their logo directly contributed to their success in 2018.


“Our logo has helped bring more focus into the business, it has made the journey that much clearer and that much more sure-footed.  I had someone in Austria say “Wow, this logo makes me so happy and I love how you have translated it into your social media presence.  It makes me so happy to follow you.”  It is also so distinct that people don’t confuse the business with any other business,” says Nwabisa Mayema, Co-Creator of nnfinity.

“Being part of the 67 Logos Designathon was a wonderful experience!  From developing a logo for a small business to meeting the other designers involved, each step was an opportunity to connect with people, share ideas, develop skills and make a change.  I am looking forward to being involved again this year,” says designer, Willem Myburgh.

Added to the campaigns positive reach was a job opportunity, Matthew Arendse, a designer that participated in the 2018 67 Logos Designathon is now a full-time employee as a designer at CWDi.

  CWDi ‘S Core Heart

CWDi is 52% black women owned company that operates from offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, working with clients throughout Africa and across the globe. United in the common goal of bringing big ideas to life, the organisation is able to do more together than ever before, delivering quality work that is bold, courageous and creative

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