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It’s already April, the month of holidays and Easter time. Whather you celebrate Easter or not, you can still join in the fun of decorating Easter eggs as they are a beautiful activity anytime of the year.  This is a really simple and cheap activity to do at home with the kids. You can even teach them how to mix different colours with the food colouring.

You will need:

Cooking oil
Food colouring
Paper towel/serviettes
Some containers like cups or small dishes
Some spoons
Eggs (if you can find white shelled eggs they will show colour up best!)

Step 1

You can either use the eggs raw, otherwise it would be best to hard boil them first before you start.
Mix 1 Tbsp cooking oil with 1 Tbsp vinegar into your dish, then add a few drops of food colouring and top up with water.

Step 2

Dip your egg into the mixture and swirl around, you will see the colour start to stick to the egg in different places creating a marbled effect.

Step 3

Take the egg out and pat dry with paper towel. Then you can dip the same egg into another colour and see how the colours marble together. You can do this with as many colours as you like on the same egg.

Make a few eggs each as you experiment with the different colours and see what effect you get!

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