by Erin Ismay, art lover and creative enthusiast, venturing into the world of business running art and craft parties for kids,  loves travel, photography and spending time with her hubby! 

In the spirit of Easter and ‘easter eggs’ this is a great activity to do using recycled egg shells to create a lovely mosaic. Mosaics are so popular right now but can be an expensive activity. This is a less expensive take on doing a mosaic type picture.

You will need

Clean broken eggshells
Food Colouring
Paper towel
Craft Glue
Plastic containers
Paper for picture (can be any colour)

Step 1:

Mix your different colours using a drop of food colouring, fill with warm water and a dash of vinegar to set colour,

Step 2:

Put some broken eggshells into the food colouring and let soak for about 10 minutes.
Then take out and dry on paper towel.

Step 3:

Once you have your colourful eggshells all dry you are ready to start your artwork. Decide what picture you want to make. Then dip your paintbrush into some glue and do the outline of the picture in glue and then you can start sticking the eggshells onto the glue.

At the end you will have a beautiful artwork!


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