by Erin Ismay, art lover and creative enthusiast, venturing into the world of business running art and craft parties for kids,  loves travel, photography and spending time with her hubby! 

Making a personalised diary or notebook is lots of fun and allows kids to express themselves through choosing pictures, colours and words that represent their interests and passion. Encourage them to find images that are inspiring and uplifting and that tell the world who they are.

You will need:

A5 hard cover notebook or any preferred size

Magazines, wrapping paper etc to find images in

Modge Podge glue or mix equal parts wood glue with water


Paint brush

Step 1: Find some pictures and words that you would like to use and start planning where you want to place them on your cover. You can do the front and the back if you like.

Step 2: Start sticking down larger images first to give you a background and then stick smaller pieces on top. You can use the modge podge to stick down all images etc.

Step 3: Once your collage of images is all stuck down you can paint modge podge over the entire cover. Leave to dry and then paint another layer on top. You can do quite a few layers and once completely dry it will have a glazed look over your images.

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