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This is a lovely way of teaching your kids a bit about gardening and also allowing them to be creative and decorate their own pot plants. Hopefully this will help them take responsibility and pride in the care of their little plants. So take a trip to the nursery and have some fun together choosing some herbs or little flowers that they can plant and grow.

You will need

Small terra cotta pot
Potting soil
Herbs/flowers for planting
School blackboard paint (available Hardware store or Art Supply shop)
Colourful chalk
Turpentine for cleaning brushes and hands.

If you would like to split this project over two events then first do the décor of the pot plant holders and on another occasion go to the nursery to get some plants etc.

Step 1:

Make sure the pots are clean and dry. Put down some newspaper and set the pot upside down. Make sure you stir the blackboard paint first. Start painting the pot and once complete, leave to dry. You may need to add an extra coat if it has not covered the surface fully.

Step 2:

Once dry you can turn over and paint the inside rim. This way the pot won’t stick to the newspaper!

Step 3:

Once completely dry the fun begins! Kids can draw and decorate their pot and write their names on it or the name of the herb they are planting etc. The best part is that if they don’t like their design they can wipe it off and start again!

You can plant your herbs/flowers after this. This also makes a great gift to give to friends or grandparents! Tie a ribbon around the pot and voila you have the perfect handcrafted gift!


School blackboard paint can be pricey so here are a few other ideas for what to do with the paint.

Make a blackboard for your child to draw on by painting it on a piece of masonite board.

If you are really brave you could even paint one wall in your child’s bedroom for them to draw on with chalk!

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