By Dr Ridhaa Jawitz who currently works as an Intern Doctor at Khayelitsha District Hospital in Cape Town.

There was an elderly lady last night. Confirmed Covid positive last week Wednesday, now admitted to hospital with worsening condition.

I phoned her daughter to try get more information and to update her on her mother’s condition, but all I heard on the phone was loud music in the background (sounded like a club/party) and the daughter shouting that she is busy and can’t talk now and then put down the phone before I could even introduce myself…

So your elderly mother (who lives with you) has Covid and is in hospital now… and you’re out at a party/clubbing/whatever it is you’re doing, most likely spreading the virus… but to make it worse, what if I was actually calling you to tell you your mom had passed away, cause I’ve made too many calls like that recently…

But that’s what Covid does: you drop your family off at hospital with them just complaining of a cough/shortness of breath and they looked fine, but then their results come back positive, then they suddenly need oxygen, but you don’t see them deteriorate in the blink of an eye. Next minute they’re gone…

Covid is real… if you don’t care about your own health, at least consider your family. Or at least your friends. Or even your colleagues. Or just the rest of humanity.. Just be a human, that’s all we’re asking, cause right now I just see animals who can’t sit still for more than five minutes… even if the whole world depended on it…

Oh and an update: that exact same patient (elderly lady whose daughter was out partying and too busy to answer the phone) just passed away this morning…may she rest in peace..

And may we all learn from this, people are DYING from Covid and there is really nothing we can do for them in hospital.

We are no longer the frontlines.

You are the frontlines.

Protect yourself to protect everyone else. Please.

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