Fatima KazeeBy Fatima Kazee, mum to 2 teenage boys and a little fisher-girl. She’s addicted to sneakers, anything chocolatey &  is an invaluable member of the Jozikids and Kznkids team – Currently Covid-ed out!

You’d think that by now we’d have gotten used to living with the Covid pandemic. I mean, it has been like 15 years hasn’t it? Sure feels like it – or am I just Covid-ed out? I still find myself not fully adjusted to this lifestyle. The restrictions and the protocols.

Make no mistake; I take them all very seriously. And being a homebody helps somewhat in that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on what’s going on out there.  I’m glad that numbers at weddings are limited (in our culture, 50 people at a wedding is an embarrassment) and I’m glad that some people don’t recognise me with a mask on.

But there are a number of odd ‘symptoms’ that I’ve developed over the past year. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone so I’ve decided to list them, in the hope that someone out there resonates with me.

Covid-ed out : The Symptoms

Covid-ed out

By Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Covid-induced-deafness: Honestly, I can-not hear with a mask on. Strange thing is, when I can’t hear someone, my instinct is to lower my mask so I can hear them.

Covid-induced-inability-to-park-or-reverse: My mask is usually off as soon as I get into the car. But on occasion when I’ve forgotten it on, I can’t seem to be able to reverse. So now I have to turn the radio down and take my mask off just to reverse or park.

Covid-induced-fake-symptoms: A headache. Oh gosh, it’s Covid. A scratchy throat. Covid. Feeling tired. Covid. Stood too close to someone at Checkers. Covid.

Covid-induced-online-meetings-exhaustion: Is it me or does everyone have difficulty concentrating in these meetings? Be it for work, teacher meetings or social video calls, one thing I know is that it’s never a good idea to watch YouTube videos on how to clean your washing machine or gas-top stove while on a call. #sosatisfyingthough

Covid-induced-paranoia: This was worse in the beginning. Thinking that everything I touched needed to be sanitised. The trolley. The groceries. My bank card. My wallet. Car keys. Car. My hands again. House keys. The mask. The sanitiser.

Covid-induced-excuses: I can’t go to the gym because… Covid. I can’t go to the mall because…Covid. I can’t invite my in-laws for dinner because… Covid. (I see you, guilty!)

Covid-induced-fatigue: Tired of the news reports and number counting. Of the increasing death rate and fluctuating lockdown levels. Of the nonsensical forwarded WhatsApp messages and videos. The elders in the family are notorious for forwarding and believing in the most bizarre stories.

On the whole, I’m just Covid-ed out. 

There is definitely some good that has come out of this pandemic but by and large, I think most people would agree that we wish it would just end. My heart goes out to all those that have lost loved ones to the virus. And to those that have been afflicted by it. To all the jobs lost and lives forever changed. 


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