According to an article published by the SA Govenment News Agency ( all schools will need to comply with COVID- 19 school guidelines  contained in a Standard Operating Procedures Booklet supplied by the Basic Department of Education.


COVID-19 school guidelines for all schools


Regular screening

According to the Covid-19 school guidelines, all learners and staff members will be screened daily.  Those with raised temperatures, will then be considered for isolation and testing.


  • Learners will have to wash or sanitize their hands before entering classrooms.
  • At the start of every school day  classrooms will be sanitized.


Social distancing plans

The Covid-19 school guidelines cover distancing in class, outside of class, in transport and more. See Transport below.

  • No more than two learners may share a desk, with no hugging or handshaking.
  • Extra classes should be arranged in small groups that maintain social distancing.
  • Movement of learners between classes will also be limited.


Face masks

Learners and teachers will be expected to wear cloth masks at all times.


COVID-19 School Transport

  • Vehicles that transport children will undergo sanitisation prior to the start of all trips.
  • All passengers to wear a mask and sanitise their hands on entering the vehicle.
  • Distance between learners in the buses has also been proposed as a measure.



All sports matches, choral practices and festivals, eisteddfods will be prohibited.

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