The Department of Basic Education has issued the revised 2020 public school calendar. Changes include:

  • 3rd Term:  Aug 24th  – Oct 23rd
  • Holiday: Oct 26th – Oct 30th
  • 4th Term : Nov 2nd – Dec 15th
  • School Starts 2021: Jan 25th

Click here to download, save and print an updated 2020 School Terms Calendar for public schools  (in colour or black& white)

Matric exams and results 

  • Aug 3: Matrics start school
  • Jan 22 (2021): NSC Matric exams 
  • Feb 23 (2021) .Matric results issued 

When Grades R-11 return to school:

Public schools: 

  • Grade 7 : Aug 11
  • Grades R, 1, 2, 3, 4,6 : Aug 24
  • Grades 9, 10, 11: Aug 24
  • Grade 5, 8 : Aug 31

Special schools: 

  • Year 1, 2 and 3 learners at schools of skill: Aug 24
  • Grades R, 1, 2, 3 & final year in schools for learners with disabilities : Aug 24

Alternative Schooling allowed

Parents can choose to school their children at home for several reasons:

  • Anxiety and fear related to COVID-19, concern for family members over the age of 60 or with comorbidities
  • Prefer to use online or virtual platforms for schooling 
  • Apply for home education and deregister their children from public schools

Click here for further information and alternative schooling solutions.

COVID-19 in the Classroom

Health preventative measures

  • practicing social distancing
  • the use of sanitisers
  • wearing masks.

Parents to inform the school:

  • if a learner is either self-isolated or
  • under quarantine after coming into contact with an infected person or
  • is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 .

Schools to inform parents 

  • when a learner has contracted Covid-19 through testing organised by the school 
  • to fetch the child from school.
  • to seek medical care for the child.


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