By Fatima Kazee, mum to a professor, a super hero and ‎a little princess.  Part-time wife to a fanatical fisherman. She’s addicted to sneakers anything chocolatey &  is an invaluable member of the Jozikids team.

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another.   Some of us become fire-breathing-dragons in the face of it.  Others have the ability to take a deep breath and calmly deal with the situation.   Some people throw tantrums like toddlers throw their toys out the cot.  All I know is that if there’s one thing that can really tick me (and many other warm-blooded people) off, it’s bad customer service!

The problem though is that there never seems to be any avenues which are available to us that can actually sort the matter out.  It’s like pulling teeth sometimes trying to get a sales assistant to understand what your issue is.  His manager usually seems none the better.  And let’s not get into the Consumer Protection Act.  It’s like any other governmental establishment – a mission to get through the red tape and then a procedure that would leave any sane person, well, insane!

At Jozikids and Kznkids, we offer a review function for each and every company that lists with us.  There is a review button that looks like this:

Consumer reviews

at the bottom of every advert which users may click on and post their reviews, good or bad.  We receive reviews daily which we first check and publish if it is positive.  Should it be negative, we offer the company/advertiser 10 days within which to rectify the complaint (if that is the case). Should there be no resolution, we publish a dialogue between the user and the company.

Now this may sound strange because it would seem like we’re bad-mouthing our own listers but as a reputable website we only wish to advertise companies that offer good quality products and services. We are extremely pedantic about how our website looks, feels and what it offers to our valuable users.  God forbid we advertise for a baker whose cakes make everyone sick or a jungle gym guy whose equipment falls apart over night!

What advertisers often don’t understand is that responding well to criticism can turn out to be great positive publicity. Customers respect companies who listen, take responsibility for mistakes ( we’re all human after all) and  are flexible.

Some companies prefer to cancel their advert than take up the challenge. So be it.  We’re better off without someone who can’t accept responsibility for a bad service.

So while we may not be able to fix everything in this country or the world that makes you want to scream blue murder (we’re still getting to that), we’re trying in our way to ensure that anything you find on our site brings you and your little ones great pleasure and happiness in all ways.

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