Experience the cinema the way it was meant to be experienced: *charging ports in cinema to keep you connected, café food to keep your cravings satisfied and the playground and ever helpful staff to make sure the kids are always entertained.

My kind of cinema

Century CinemaX Northgate is not your average cinema, because it was designed to feel like it was made for you. Four different cinema experience’s cater for your mood, occasion, and personal preference – making sure its your kind of cinema. Be it the ultimate sound in the MAX theatre, or the peace of mind knowing that your kids can see the full screen thanks to the Playroom screen, there’s a magic touch to CinemaX that appeals to everyone.

Popping in flavours and more decadence

Not a fan of the same average movie popcorn flavours? Indulge in gourmet chocolate, raspberry and caramel flavoured popcorn. Not even a popcorn kind of person? Bite into a coffee cone or share one of the legendary cake shakes at the CinemaX Cine-Café, conveniently equipped with USB ports and charging stations so you can stay connected.

Century CinemaX Northgate

Party in style – for that extra special occasion

Even if you’re the private party, guest list kind of Joburger, Century CinemaX has a way to customise your cinema experience. After all, why not splurge a little? Hire out their VIP gold cinema – its more than just a seat!  30 spacious leather seats fully recline  to give you the ultimate movie watching experience: laying all the way back with space for a full tray of your yummy snacks.  USB ports ensure you keep the insta stories alive!

Century CinemaX ticks all the boxes for an ultimate movie experience.

Century CinemaX experience is one guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, for prices much lower than you’d expect from a luxury cinema like this. It’s the one destination where you can recharge, relax and even revel in your latest movie favourite with the added. So, make the first move, grab your kids or the girl next door and go experience cinema of the future, right now.

*USB Ports available in VIP GOLD and the Cafe


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