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Whatever you do these school holidays, if you are in Joburg, do not miss Cinderella on Ice. It is utterly breathtaking. Brought to you by The Imperial Ice Stars and showing at the Teatro at Montecasino, this show will most certainly give you goosebumps.

I was lucky enough to go along for a sneak preview on behalf of Jozikids. I was excited, but not certain what to expect. I was completely blown away.  The show is magical in every way.

It is an opportunity to let your imagination, and more importantly, that of your child’s, go wild. There is extraordinarily beautiful music, wonderful choreography, and awe-inspiring acrobatics – all on ice. The costumes are beautiful, and the cast glide over the ice with such grace, it is surreal. Before you know it you have been transported into the fairytale world of Cinderella, where magic abounds and anything can happen. And it does.Cinderella on Ice - Couple

As if elegance on the ice were not enough, the dancers fly through the air with as much exquisite style as they display on land. One can’t help but gasp. It is most certainly breathtaking.

The show is advertised as suitable for teens upwards, but I think children as young as 8 would thoroughly enjoy themselves. There are afternoon and evening shows, which is always a bonus.

Cinderella on Ice is the third production from The Imperial Ice Stars, who brought us Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. It is their most magnificent production yet, as they really do push the boundaries in the genre of ice dancing and acrobatics.

The performance is almost 2 hours long, with a 20 minute interval. It is on until Sunday 10th January, so make a point of taking your children to see it. And remember to take a jacket.

For more information visit the Montecasino  website

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